Screen Repair

Just broke your phone? No need to worry. Fixed in minutes cellphone repair, in Atlanta, fixes iPhone screens in less than 20 minutes. Our premium quality replacement screens are backed with warranty and are installed by expert technician. you can enjoy vibrant color and brightness just like original with our premium screens. We take walk-in also appointments to fix iPhone screen.

Back Glass Repair

Back glass on iPhone can be expensive to fix, but with our latest laser technology we are able to cut down the iPhone back glass repair drastically. We do so by replacing just the glass from the frame. Traditionally the entire frame is replaced for back glass fix but that takes more time and money. With our laser machine we can fix back glass on iPhone in 30 minutes or less. 

Battery Replacement

Is your phone Acting sluggish? Battery replacements on iPhone can help phone run a bit faster and smoother. When a battery is charged and discharged many times it looses the amount of current it can supply. The phone tens to slow down when this happens. If you battery is older than 2 years it is vey good idea to replace the battery, this will drastically increase the performance of the phone.

Charging port Repair

If you are having trouble charging your phone, we can repair the charging port in your device in less than 30 minutes. If you have to hold the charger in certain position or twist the charger in order for your phone to charge, there is a good chance that your charging port is going bad. We use OEM quality charging port for our repair and it is backed by our warranty. Walk-ins are welcome for repair, we also take appointments for mobile service.

Camera Repair

If you are having issues with camera on your phone, fixed in minutes is here to help. We fix camera on most of the smart phone including Samsung and Apple. We use Premium parts that are backed by warranty and are installed by expert technician. The camera replacement on iPhone takes about 30 minutes. we take walk-in and also provide mobile service on appointment. 

Software Repair

If your phone is stuck in apple logo or you see apple logo just flashing repeatedly, we can help you. Just stop by at our store and our expert technician will diagnose and flash your device with new firmware. This fix generally takes about 40 minutes and the is a good chance of loosing all the data if you do not have iCloud back up. This service is only available in store.


We are located in Suntan Plaza inside Biswas Grocery at 2853 Buford Hwy NE, Brookhaven GA 30329

We accept all the major chipped credit and debit cards. We strictly check ID on the credit card transaction.

yes, we provide mobile service with a small fee of 20-30 dollars depending on distance. 

Walk-in customers are welcome after 30 minutes of opening until closing.

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