iPhone XS Max Hard OLED Assembly (AM5/GW) (OLED Breakage Warranty)


  • iPhone Xs Max Hard OLED is the most cost-effective OLED replacement option
  • Hard OLED is thinner than an Incell or TFT Panel which results in less bulk
  • High Refresh Rate and Brightness in iPhone Xs Max Hard OLED is like Soft OLED and OEM screen
  • Increased durability in Front Glass and OLED Panel reduces the chance of accidental damage and small impact damages
  • High Quality OLED Panel offers higher brightness and pixel density
  • Bezel is slightly thicker than Soft OLED and OEM OLED Panel
  • Mobile Com offers OLED Breakage Warranty on all AM5 Hard OLED Panels. If the OLED Panel is damaged without any damage to the glass and flex cable

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Brand New iPhone Xs Max Hard OLED Assembly AM5 Quality


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